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Expert Tampa Drywall Finishers are rare. To find good finishers can be challenging. By good we mean, reliable and honest workers who specialize in it. Our process is simple. We first begin by covering any finished flooring and cutting out any bad spots. We then pre fill those bad spots and tape the butt joints. Next we tape the flats and the inside corners. Followed by hanging the corner bead. Next we will fill the seams and all screws. Followed by the corner bead. Depending on the level of finish, we will then apply 1-3 more coats of compound to the entire job. Followed lastly by sanding or texture. Ready for paint.

We are the #1 Tampa Drywall Finishing Contractor. Get Guaranteed expert drywall finishing. Contact us today for a free estimate.

  • Knockdown Texture is a texture sprayed on that is allowed to set up (dry) and a blade, plastic knife or rubber tool is then used to flatten it.
  • Orang Peel Texture is a texture sprayed on in a fine pattern.
  • Spanish Lace Texture is a textured applied by hand giving it a plaster type thicker finish and look.
  • Sand Finish is a texture that looks like a plaster finish when complete.
  • Level 5 / Smooth Finish is just that, a smooth paintable finish. This is the ultimate finish and used in the finest of homes
  • Fire Tape is taping any seams or joints. Used to seal the drywall for fire codes.

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